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The new Footgolf Bovec Slovenia Rookie tournaments are for all levels of players. From beginners to advanced tournament players can have fun and improve their competition skills with different players over this winter in Bovec. The winter tournament series will start in October 2020 and finish in spring 2021.
Format: 18 holes of stroke play
League points: Like FIFG 100 events. Counts in case if the minimum players per tournament are over ten and a minimum of 2 players per category are playing.
Categories: Men, Ladies, Men over 46 and Juniors.
Fees: Yearly fee cardholders: 5 EUR; Footgolf Bovec Friends club: 15 EUR; All other players 20 EUR

Price: Every 111 played round* we will ballot out of all players who played at least two rounds one yearly footgolf fee card for Footgolf Bovec with what you can play every day except on tournament days for golf or footgolf all year 2021 when the footgolf course is open. To enter in this competition you have to be a member of the Footgolf Bovec Friends club – everyone can register free in this club who respects all rules and likes Footgolf Bovec.

Registration: 8:00 a.m. one day before the tournament. To later registrations, an additional on-site fee of 5 EUR applies.

Rules: FIFG and local rules; Ethical rules of the Slovenian Footgolf Association. All special rules of COVID-19 have to be respected! In case of snow or extreme weather conditions, the tournaments will not be played. The dates can change.

Competition committee: Simon Sladič, Nika Gerbec and Aleksander Kravanja

* Played round cont each played round of every player the cut for the ballot is the tournament when 111 rounds are reached.

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